Online Collision Reporting

Initial Checklist

This website allows members of the public to submit an online report for lost property. After submitting the online report, you will be provided with a reference number for insurance purposes.

Please complete the following checklist to confirm the incident is eligible to be reported online.

If the answer to any of the following is false, you cannot use this website and should make a report at a police station.

The property was lost in South Australia
You are the owner of the property
A fair estimate of the value of the property is less than $3000
The property was not stolen (taken by burglary or theft or by force)
The property was not abandoned (deliberately left with no intention of reclaiming the item)
The property was not loaned or given to another person
You are not reporting a missing vehicle number plate (you must report this directly to police).
Police do not need to investigate the loss as suspicious or criminal